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The world's largest offshore Chinese asset manager

CSOP is dedicated to helping global investors discover real value in China

Connecting China to the World

China is the world’s second largest equity market and third largest bond market. This prominence comes with limitations, however. China’s markets are structured and regulated in a particular way that is often difficult to understand on first glance.

CSOP exists to make China legible to international investors. Providing innovative investment tools and nuanced insights, CSOP works tirelessly to maintain the company’s position as the world’s largest offshore China asset manager.

about csop

CSOP launches four inverse and leveraged ETF products on Hong Kong Stock Exchange


CSOP is founded in Hong Kong as the first overseas Chinese asset management company


CSOP registers and launches two UCITS funds focused on high-yield bonds and Greater China equity


CSOP launches its first RQFII Equity ETF on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange


CSOP brings RQFII ETFs to Japan by listing ETF-JDR on the Tokyo Stock Exchange


CSOP launches the 1st RQFII Bond ETF on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. CSOP lists the 1st RQFII ETF in Europe on the London Stock Exchange.


CSOP lists first RQFII ETF— AFTY— on the New York Stock Exchange. Six months later, CSOP lists second and third U.S. products— HAHA and CNHX


CSOP lists Oil Futures ETF and leveraged and inverse NIFTY ETF on Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Message from Our CEO

CSOP’s CEO, Ms. Ding Chen, has witnessed the evolution of China’s capital markets firsthand. As founder and chairwoman of the Chinese Asset Management Association of Hong Kong, she has also pioneered the development of China’s offshore market.

Meet Ms. Ding

Career Opportunities

CSOP offers more than job opportunities; CSOP provides a platform for career development. If you are a self-starter looking for an innovative and international team, we invite you to explore our open positions.

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