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Message from our CEO

In reflecting on my decade-long tenure in the asset management industry, I identify two fund raisings that I will never forget. In 2007, I was leading the International Business Department at China Southern Asset Management Co., Ltd. We managed to raise more than USD 5 billion in three days for one of China’s first Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor (“QDII”) funds. I fondly remember a call I received from a friend in New York. She was excited, but perplexed, exclaiming: “Financial Times must have misreported the facts! The figure should be RMB 5 billion, shouldn’t it?”

In 2012, as the CEO of CSOP Asset Management Limited, I led my team to another significant milestone. This time, I couldn’t believe the news I was hearing. Our newly listed A-Share ETF—CSOP FTSE China A50 ETF— was over-subscribed for the entire 5 billion RMB quota in its Initial Public Offering stage. In only three months’ time, the pioneering product’s Assets Under Management would more than triple, becoming one of the most actively traded securities on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

I am lucky to have witnessed the rapid development of China’s asset management industry and the country’s corresponding economic growth, and am extremely proud that China Southern Asset Management Co., Ltd. and CSOP Asset Management Limited have been at the forefront of these investment trends. Our vision was— and will always be— to serve as the market leader of China investment.

I feel grateful for the international exposure our firm has received and for the unwavering support from international investors. As a growing business, we attempt to cultivate a supportive, teamwork-driven environment that recognizes the passion and energy each employee brings to work each day. We firmly believe that our unique offerings can present great opportunity for all types of investors, from the college graduate opening his first savings account to the veteran hedge fund manager looking to reap gains from China’s fast-growing Interbank bond market.

Although our quest to create worldwide China access is relentless, we also believe in the importance of thoughtful reflection. That is why, even on my busiest days, I sit down with a cup of my favorite tea, look out at Victoria Harbor, and meditate over the dynamic developments I have witnessed in my long career.

I invite you to join myself and the larger CSOP team on this incredible journey.

Ms. Ding Chen
CSOP Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Ding sits on 15 external boards and sub-committees, including:
Chairperson of Chinese Asset Management Association of HK Deputy Chairperson of Chinese Securities Association of HK Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative RegionHong Kong Securities and Futures CommissionHong Kong Monetary AuthorityAsset Management Association of China Hong Kong Treasury Markets Association