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Demystifying China's regulatory structure

CSOP serves as a one-stop shop for information about China’s unique capital market structure

China’s Bond Market

Although China’s bond market is the world’s third largest, it is little-understood by international investors. This section explains the foundational concepts of China’s bond market– Onshore versus Offshore, Interbank versus Exchange-Traded, etc.

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China's Equity Market

China’s equity market is one of the world’s newest, yet fastest growing, stock markets. This section overviews the important concepts that govern the world’s second largest equity market, most notably share classes and the differences between Shanghai and Shenzhen markets.

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Accessing A-Shares

For many years, foreign investors were prohibited from accessing Mainland China’s securities markets. The rules have been loosed since 2002, however, with foreigners granted access through three schemes: Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (QFII), Renminbi Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (RQFII), and Hong Kong Stock Connect. This section overviews the differences between and among those the programs.

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Internationalization of the RMB

Although China is the world’s second largest economy, its currency is rarely used outside of the country. This section highlights the ongoing efforts to internationalize the RMB.

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