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CNHX CSOP MSCI China A International Hedged ETF

NAV $23.15
Chg $-0.22
Chg% -0.93%
Price $22.88
Chg $-0.26
Chg% -1.12%
Updated: Dec. 18, 2018


Monthly 1m 3m 6m 1y Since Inception
Market Price -5.41% 1.08% 7.79% -14.89% -13.26%
Benchmark -6.21% 0.91% 4.23% -15.09% -13.02%

As of: Dec. 30, 2016

The performance data quoted above represents past performance. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Investment return and value of the ETF shares will fluctuate so that an investor’s shares, when sold, may be worth more or less than their original cost. Performance may be lower or higher than performance data quoted. Shares are bought and sold at market price (not NAV) and are not individually redeemed from the ETF. Total Returns (Net Asset Value) are calculated using the daily 4:00pm net asset value (NAV). Market price returns above reflect the closing trade price on the exchange where ETF shares are listed. Market price returns do not represent the returns you would receive if you traded shares at other times. Brokerage commissions will reduce returns. Returns for actual ETF investments may differ from what is shown on the website because of differences in timing, the amount invested, and fees and expenses. Month-end and quarter-end values represent total return, and are not annualized for periods less than one year

The performance chart is calculated on NAV to NAV basis with dividend reinvested. To access current return information, please call 844-209-2937.

The CSOP MSCI China A International Hedged Exchange Traded Fund (“ETF”) (the “Fund”) seeks to provide investment results that, before fees and expenses, track the performance of the MSCI China A International with CNH 100% Hedged to USD Index.

*ETF inception date: October 20, 2015

  • China A-share Exposure Gain exposure to China’s onshore A-share market, the 2nd largest equities market in the world. Though the A-shares market was previously limited due to investment restrictions, this ETF allows for easy and efficient trading through both Renminbi Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (“RQFII”) and Shanghai – Hong Kong Stock Connect programs.
  • Currency Hedged: Hedges Renminbi exposure (CNH) to reduce overall volatility due to currency fluctuations as China opens its currency markets to international investors.
  • Ideal for long term portfolio allocations for investors interested in accessing an ETF that includes large and mid-capitalization stocks and is diversified across hundreds of equity listings in China.
  • Strong diversification benefits for asset allocation due to China A shares low correlation to developed economies such as US, Europe and even Hong Kong listed stocks.
  • MSCI China A International Index represents the component that will be a part of MSCI’s index family if China listed stocks are included in their core series of indexes. Investors can use this index to replicate the inclusion at an allocation weight that makes sense for client needs over time.

Diversification does not assure a profit or protect against loss
Bloomberg, as of March 20, 2017

  • Name
  • MSCI China A International with CNH 100% Hedged to USD Index
  • Launch Date
  • June 9, 2015
  • Base Currency
  • USD
  • Index Provider
  • MSCI
  • Index Type
  • Net Total return index
  • Underlying Securities
  • Large-cap and mid-cap Chinese securities listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges. The Index is based on the concept of the integrated MSCI China equity universe with mainland Chinese securities included.
  • Rebalancing Frequency
  • Quarterly
  • Index Definition
  • It is a free float-adjusted market capitalization-weighted index compiled and published by MSCI Inc. The Index is designed to track the equity market performance of large-cap and mid-cap Chinese securities listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges. The Index is based on the concept of the integrated MSCI China equity universe with mainland Chinese securities included.

Key Facts

  • Adviser
  • CSOP Asset Management Limited
  • Listing Date
  • October 20, 2015
  • Exchange Listing
  • NYSE Arca, Inc.
  • Stock Ticker
  • CNHX
  • Base Currency
  • USD
  • Trading Currency
  • USD
  • Inception Price
  • USD 30 per share
  • Total Expense Ratio
  • 0.79%
  • Creation Unit
  • 50,000 Units
  • Dividend Policy
  • The Fund intends to distribute its net investment income, if any, to investors annually and to distribute net realized capital gains, if any, annually.
  • Asset Under Management
  • 1,157,351
  • Shares Outstanding
  • 50,002
  • NAV
  • $23.15
  • Closing Price
  • $22.88

Top 10

  • Total Nav (USD): 1,075,279.73
  • Securities: 228
  • Securities(%): 92.91%
  • 32.45% Financials
  • 11.73% Industrials
  • 10.56% Consumer Staples
  • 6.99% Consumer Discretionary
  • 6.77% Information Technology
  • 5.71% Materials
  • 5.25% Real Estate
  • 5.19% Health Care
  • 3.69% Utilities
  • 2.79% Energy

Last Updated: December 18, 2018 Holdings are subject to change without notice.

Holdings Download

Weight (%) Name Exchange Ticker Shares Held Valuation Price (RMB) Market Value (USD) Sector
0SHANGHAI CONSTRUCTION GROU-A60017013.09$0.45Industrials
0.07DR PENG TELCOM & MEDIA GR-A6008047007.42$752.85Communication Services
0.07SOUND ENVIRONMENTAL RESOUR-A82656010.48$850.66Industrials
0.08BEIJING DABEINONG TECHNOLO-A238518003.45$900.12Consumer Staples
0.09WUHU SHUNRONG SANQI INTERA-A255560011.53$1,002.74Communication Services
0.09CITIC GUOAN INFORMATION-A83920003.54$1,026.22Communication Services
0.09QINGHAI SALT LAKE INDUSTRY-A7929007.97$1,039.70Materials
0.09SHENZHEN ZHONGJIN LINGNAN-A6018004.08$1,064.49Materials
0.09JIHUA GROUP CORP LTD-A60171821003.5$1,065.36Industrials
0.09SHANXI SECURITIES CO LTD-A250012006.14$1,067.97Financials
0.1WANXIANG QIANCHAO CO LTD-A55914405.65$1,179.28Consumer Discretionary
0.11DONGXU OPTOELECTRONIC TECH-A41318004.73$1,234.07Information Technology
0.11LIAONING CHENG DA CO LTD-A60073980010.73$1,244.22Consumer Discretionary
0.11SOOCHOW SECURITIES CO LTD-A60155513006.81$1,283.21Financials
0.11DONGXING SECURITIES CO LT-A6011989009.89$1,290.17Financials
0.11GUANGZHOU HAIGE COMMUNICAT-A246512007.53$1,309.74Information Technology
0.12CHINA SHIPPING CONTAINER-A60186640002.33$1,350.90Industrials
0.12BEIJING CAPITAL CO LTD-A60000826003.59$1,352.93Utilities
0.12XINHU ZHONGBAO CO LTD-A60020832002.94$1,363.66Real Estate
0.12DHC SOFTWARE CO LTD -A206514006.75$1,369.74Information Technology
0.12GUANGSHEN RAILWAY CO LTD-A60133330003.15$1,369.74Industrials
0.12TONGLING NONFERROUS METALS-A63047002.02$1,376.12Materials
0.12TSINGHUA UNISPLENDOUR CO-A93830032.82$1,427.14Information Technology
0.13CHINESE UNIVERSE PUBLISHIN-A60037380012.51$1,450.62Communication Services
0.13SHANXI XISHAN COAL & ELEC-A98317005.95$1,466.13Energy
0.13ZHEJIANG CHINA COMMODITIES-A60041529003.51$1,475.41Real Estate
0.13SHANGHAI TUNNEL ENGINEERIN-A60082017006.05$1,490.77Industrials
0.13CHINA SPACESAT CO LTD -A60011860017.18$1,494.11Industrials
0.13CHINA HAINAN RUBBER INDUST-A60111822004.78$1,524.26Materials
0.13BEIJING SL PHARMACEUTICAL -A203840026.3$1,524.84Health Care
0.13YOUNGOR GROUP CO-A60017714007.56$1,534.11Real Estate
0.13FINANCIAL STREET HOLDINGS-A40216006.71$1,556.15Real Estate
0.13HUBEI ENERGY GROUP CO LTD-A88329003.71$1,559.48Utilities
0.14MAANSHAN IRON & STEEL-A60080830003.6$1,565.42Materials
0.14SHENZHEN SALUBRIS PHARM-A229450021.99$1,593.69Health Care
0.14JIANGXI GANFENG LITHIUM CO-A246045024.74$1,613.69Materials
0.14GOERTEK INC -A224116006.98$1,618.76Information Technology
0.14CHINA GRAND AUTOMOTIVE SER-A60029727004.16$1,628.04Consumer Discretionary
0.14INSPUR ELECTRONIC INFORMAT-A97765017.29$1,628.98Information Technology
0.14SHENZHEN ENERGY GROUP CO L-A2721005.37$1,634.56Utilities
0.14SHANGHAI JAHWA UNITED CO -A60031540028.75$1,666.88Consumer Staples
0.15GIANT NETWORK GROUP CO LTD-A255860019.37$1,684.57Communication Services
0.15SINOLINK SECURITIES CO LTD-A60010916007.32$1,697.61Financials
0.15SHANXI LUAN ENVIRONMENTAL-A60169916007.36$1,706.89Energy
0.15CHINA RESOURCES SANJIU MED-A99950023.64$1,713.27Health Care
0.15DAWNING INFORMATION INDUST-A60301930039.73$1,727.62Information Technology
0.15ANXIN TRUST CO LTD-A60081623765.02$1,728.85Financials
0.15GUOYUAN SECURITIES CO LTD-A72816507.27$1,738.71Financials
0.15OFFSHORE OIL ENGINEERING-A60058323005.32$1,773.56Energy
0.15SDIC ESSENCE HOLDINGS CO L-A60006113009.41$1,773.13Financials
0.15HUBEI BIOCAUSE PHARMACEUTI-A62721005.85$1,780.67Financials
0.15BEIJING NEW BUILDING MATER-A78680015.4$1,785.74Industrials
0.15CHINA SOUTH PUBLISHING -A601098100012.32$1,785.74Communication Services
0.16ZOOMLION HEAVY INDUSTRY S-A15734003.64$1,793.86Industrials
0.16SHENERGY COMPANY LIMITED-A60064225004.96$1,797.34Utilities
0.16SHENZHEN O-FILM TECH CO-A2456125010.04$1,819.08Information Technology
0.16SHANGHAI ZHANGJIANG HIGH-A60089590014.01$1,827.63Real Estate
0.16SPRING AIRLINES CO LTD-A60102140031.59$1,831.54Industrials
0.16XCMG CONSTRUCTION MACHIN-A42538003.39$1,867.20Industrials
0.16AIR CHINA LTD-A60111116008.09$1,876.19Industrials
0.16TBEA CO LTD-A60008919006.86$1,889.23Industrials
0.16CHONGQING CHANGAN AUTOMOB-A62520006.52$1,890.10Consumer Discretionary
0.16BANK OF GUIYANG CO LTD-A601997120010.87$1,890.68Financials
0.16WESTERN SECURITIES CO LTD-A267316008.16$1,892.42Financials
0.16SUZHOU GOLD MANTIS CONSTR -A208115008.74$1,900.25Industrials
0.17CHINA SHIPBUILDING INDUSTR-A60048260022.07$1,919.38Consumer Discretionary
0.17CHINA MOLYBDENUM CO LTD-A60399332004.15$1,924.89Materials
0.17FIBERHOME TELECOM TECH CO-A60049850026.99$1,956.05Information Technology
0.17FUJIAN NEWLAND COMPUTER CO-A99790015$1,956.78Information Technology
0.17CHINA AVIATION OPTICAL -A217939035.3$1,995.48Information Technology
0.18CHANGJIANG SECURITIES CO L-A78326005.38$2,027.51Financials
0.18GUANGHUI ENERGY CO LTD-A60025635104$2,035.05Energy
0.18TSINGTAO BREWERY CO LTD-A60060040035.27$2,044.90Consumer Staples
0.18BBMG CORPORATION-A60199238003.73$2,054.47Materials
0.18ZHEJIANG CHINT ELECTRICS-A60187760023.75$2,065.49Industrials
0.18ZHENGZHOU YUTONG BUS CO -A600066120011.93$2,075.05Industrials
0.18TCL CORP-A10059002.43$2,078.10Consumer Discretionary
0.18CHINA CITIC BANK CORP LTD-A60199826005.52$2,080.27Financials
0.18ANGANG STEEL CO LTD-A89827005.32$2,082.01Materials
0.18ZHEJIANG HUAYOU COBALT CO -A60379942034.4$2,094.19Materials
0.18NINGBO PORT CO LTD-A60101841003.54$2,103.75Industrials
0.18JIANGXI COPPER CO LTD-A600362110013.21$2,106.22Materials
0.18FANGDA CARBON NEW MATERIAL-A60051680018.19$2,109.26Industrials
0.19CHINA COMMUNICATIONS CONST-A601800120012.39$2,155.06Industrials
0.19JOINTOWN PHARMACEUTICAL-A600998100014.95$2,166.95Health Care
0.19RONGSHENG PETRO CHEMICAL-A249315009.97$2,167.67Materials
0.19EVERBRIGHT SECURITIE CO -A60178816009.36$2,170.72Financials
0.19RISESUN REAL ESTATE DEVEL-A214618008.4$2,191.59Real Estate
0.19TONGHUA DONGBAO PHARMACEUT-A600867103714.66$2,203.54Health Care
0.19CHINA COSCO HOLDINGS-A60191938004.01$2,208.69Industrials
0.19NEW HOPE LIUHE CO LTD-A87621007.27$2,212.90Consumer Staples
0.19SHANXI XINGHUACUN FEN WINE-A60080940038.21$2,215.36Consumer Staples
0.19CHINA NATIONAL CHEMICAL-A60111727005.67$2,218.99Industrials
0.19ZHONGTIAN URBAN DEVELOPMEN-A54031504.87$2,223.55Real Estate
0.19XINJIANG GOLDWIND SCI&TECH-A2202143010.73$2,224.04Industrials
0.19AVIC CAPITAL CO LTD -A60070534004.52$2,227.54Financials
0.19SICHUAN KELUN PHARMACEUTIC-A242270022.19$2,251.45Health Care
0.2ZHEJIANG NHU CO LTD-A2001102015.28$2,259.08Health Care
0.2ZHONGJIN GOLD CORP-A60048918888.26$2,260.42Materials
0.2CHINA GEZHOUBA GROUP CO LT-A60006824006.55$2,278.56Industrials
0.2China Northern Rare Earth -A60011117009.27$2,284.21Materials
0.2TONGWEI CO LTD-A60043818008.76$2,285.52Consumer Staples
0.2HUNDSUN TECHNOLOGIES INC-A60057030052.89$2,299.87Information Technology
0.2AVIC AVIATION ENGINE CORP-A60089370022.85$2,318.42Industrials
0.2HUALAN BIOLOGICAL ENGINEER-A200748033.58$2,336.30Health Care
0.2CHINA JUSHI CO LTD -A600176156010.47$2,367.44Materials
0.2HUADONG MEDICINE CO LTD-A96360027.24$2,369.00Health Care
0.21TASLY PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP-A60053584019.68$2,396.14Health Care
0.21JINKE PROPERTIES GROUP CO -A65627006.14$2,402.92Real Estate
0.21HEBEI IRON & STEEL CO LTD-A70957002.92$2,412.49Materials
0.21ZHEJIANG LONGSHENG GROUP C-A60035218009.28$2,421.19Materials
0.21BEIJING SHIJI INFORMATION -A215360027.88$2,424.66Information Technology
0.21SINOPEC SHANGHAI PETROCHE-A60068832005.24$2,430.46Materials
0.21VENUSTECH GROUP INC-A243980021.09$2,445.54Information Technology
0.21HENGTONG OPTIC-ELECTRIC CO-A600487100016.94$2,455.39Information Technology
0.21DONG-E-E-JIAOCO LTD-A42340042.9$2,487.28Health Care
0.22INDUSTRIAL SECURITIES CO-A60137735604.83$2,492.33Financials
0.22TIANQI LITHIUM INDUSTR IND-A246650034.79$2,521.34Materials
0.22SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL POR-A60001833005.33$2,549.46Industrials
0.22SHANGHAI PHARMACEUTICALS-A601607100017.77$2,575.70Health Care
0.22SHAANXI COAL INDUSTRY CO L-A60122523007.75$2,583.67Energy
0.23HUANENG POWER INTL INC-A60001125007.25$2,627.15Utilities
0.23HANS LASER TECHNOLOGY IN-A200860030.57$2,658.61Industrials
0.23BESTV NEW MEDIA CO LTD-A600637182010.1$2,664.41Communication Services
0.23IFLYTEK CO LTD - A223075024.57$2,671.00Information Technology
0.24CHINA EASTERN AIRLINES CO-A60011537005.09$2,729.78Industrials
0.24GUOSEN SECURITIES CO LTD-A273622008.67$2,764.71Financials
0.24SICHUAN CHUANTOU ENERGY CO-A60067423008.36$2,787.03Utilities
0.25HUAYU AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS -A600741110018.02$2,873.13Consumer Discretionary
0.25SHANGHAI ELECTRIC GRP CO L-A60172740004.98$2,887.33Industrials
0.25MEINIAN ONEHEALTH HEALTHCA-A2044132015.15$2,898.64Health Care
0.25ZHEJIANG DAHUA TECHNOLOGY-A2236160012.51$2,901.25Information Technology
0.25POWER CONSTRUCTION CORP OF-A60166940005.01$2,904.73Industrials
0.25AVIC AIRCRAFT CO LTD-A768140014.36$2,914.00Industrials
0.26SHENZHEN OVERSEAS CHINESE-A6934006.02$2,966.76Consumer Discretionary
0.26YONYOU SOFTWARE CO LTD-A60058891022.52$2,970.42Information Technology
0.26SHANDONG GOLD MINING CO LT-A60054770029.5$2,993.14Materials
0.26HUADIAN POWER INTL CORP-A60002744004.72$3,010.25Utilities
0.26GD POWER DEVELOPMENT CO -A60079585002.48$3,055.47Utilities
0.27METALLURGICAL CORP OF CHIN-A60161867003.18$3,088.23Industrials
0.27ZHEJIANG ZHENENG ELECTRIC-A60002347004.61$3,140.55Utilities
0.27GUANGZHOU BAIYUNSHAN PHAR-A60033260036.21$3,149.11Health Care
0.28ORIENT SECURITIES CO LTD-A60095827008.28$3,240.42Financials
0.28AISINO CO LTD-A600271100022.56$3,269.99Information Technology
0.29FOUNDER SECURITIES CO LTD-A60190144005.21$3,322.75Financials
0.29BEIJING TONGRENTANG CO-A60008580028.99$3,361.60Health Care
0.29GEMDALE CORP-A60038324009.69$3,370.87Real Estate
0.3KANGMEI PHARMACEUTICAL CO-A600518230010.55$3,517.13Health Care
0.31FUYAO GROUP GLASS INDUSTR-A600660110022.37$3,566.70Consumer Discretionary
0.31SHANGHAI FOSUN PHARMACEUTI-A600196100024.92$3,612.07Health Care
0.31WEICHAI POWER CO LTD-A33832007.81$3,622.50Industrials
0.31FUTURE LAND HOLDINGS CO -A601155100025.01$3,625.11Real Estate
0.32SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL AIR-A60000950050.49$3,659.17Industrials
0.32XIAN LONGI SILICON MATERIA-A601012140018.31$3,715.56Information Technology
0.32ZIJIN MINING GROUP CO LTD-A60189975003.42$3,717.88Materials
0.32LUZHOU LAOJIAO CO LTD-A56860042.88$3,729.18Consumer Staples
0.33SANAN OPTOELECTRONICS CO L-A600703192013.8$3,840.50Information Technology
0.34ZHANGZHOU PIENTZEHUANG PHA-A60043630089.75$3,902.68Health Care
0.34FOCUS MEDIA INFO TECH-A202744406.1$3,925.73Information Technology
0.34CHINA SOUTHERN AIRLINES CO-A60002938007.17$3,949.21Industrials
0.34HENAN SHUANGHUI INVESTMENT-A895120022.84$3,972.69Consumer Staples
0.35CHINA LIFE INSURANCE CO-A601628130021.41$4,034.29Financials
0.35LUXSHARE PRECISION INDUSTR-A2475204713.65$4,050.03Industrials
0.35INNER MONGOLIAN BAOTOU STE-A600010180601.56$4,083.66Materials
0.35SDIC POWER HOLDINGS CO LTD-A60088636007.85$4,096.19Utilities
0.37CHINA FORTUNE LAND DEVELOP-A600340110026.6$4,241.13Real Estate
0.37NEW CHINA LIFE INSURANCE C-A60133670042.76$4,338.54Financials
0.38MUYUAN FOODSTUFF CO LTD-A2714108027.82$4,355.00Consumer Staples
0.38BANK OF NANJING CO LTD -A60100945366.69$4,398.52Financials
0.4BANK OF JIANGSU CO LTD-A60091952006.08$4,582.63Financials
0.4YONGHUI SUPERSTORES CO LTD-A60193344007.31$4,662.06Consumer Staples
0.41ZTE CORP-A63170019.1$4,706.41Information Technology
0.41CHINA NATIONAL NUCLEAR POW-A60198562005.28$4,744.97Utilities
0.42CHINA CONSTRUCTION BANK-A60193951006.61$4,886.29Financials
0.44SANY HEAVY INDUSTRY CO LTD-A60003141008.6$5,110.81Industrials
0.45GF SECURITIES CO LTD-A776280012.94$5,251.70Financials
0.46HAITONG SECURITIES CO LTD-A60083739009.38$5,302.43Financials
0.47SHENWAN HONGYUAN GROUP CO-A16689104.2$5,424.19Financials
0.48HUAXIA BANK CO LTD-A60001550407.54$5,508.20Financials
0.48CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES-A600999280013.6$5,519.56Financials
0.48BYD CO LTD -A259470055.04$5,584.50Consumer Discretionary
0.49PETROCHINA CO LTD-A60185751007.63$5,640.30Energy
0.51QINGDAO HAIER CO LTD-A600690290014.07$5,914.25Consumer Discretionary
0.51SUNING COMMERCE GROUP CO -A2024390010.48$5,924.25Consumer Discretionary
0.53CHINA SHENHUA ENERGY CO-A601088220019.08$6,084.27Energy
0.54NARI TECHNOLOGY CO LTD-A600406230018.64$6,214.14Industrials
0.54HUATAI SECURITIES CO LTD-A601688260016.71$6,297.34Financials
0.54BOE TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO LT-A725161002.7$6,300.82Information Technology
0.55GREE ELECTRIC APPLIANCES I-A651120036.8$6,400.83Consumer Discretionary
0.56BANK OF NINGBO CO LTD -A2142273016.33$6,461.84Financials
0.64BANK OF BEIJING CO LTD -A60116986405.93$7,426.36Financials
0.68GUOTAI JUNAN SECURITIES CO-A601211340015.9$7,835.80Financials
0.71BANK OF SHANGHAI CO LTD-A601229478011.82$8,189.42Financials
0.72DAQIN RAILWAY CO LTD -A60100671008.05$8,284.41Industrials
0.72CHINA MERCHANTS SHEKOU INDUS1979316218.09$8,291.02Real Estate
0.74BAOSHAN IRON & STEEL CO-A60001988246.71$8,582.14Materials
0.75CHINA INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL-A601888100060.05$8,704.03Consumer Discretionary
0.76CHINA RAILWAY CONSTRUCTION-A601186520011.71$8,826.08Industrials
0.81ANHUI CONCH CEMENT CO LTD-A600585210030.85$9,390.36Materials
0.85INNER MONGOLIA YILI INDUS-A600887300022.58$9,818.67Consumer Staples
0.86FOSHAN HAITIAN FLAVOURING -A603288100068.5$9,928.83Consumer Staples
0.87JIANGSU YANGHE BREWERY -A230470098.79$10,023.48Consumer Staples
0.89CHINA UNITED NETWORK COMMUNICATIONS LTD600050135005.24$10,253.51Communication Services
0.89POLY REAL ESTATE GROUP CO -A600048570012.53$10,352.22Real Estate
0.9CHINA EVERBRIGHT BANK CO-A601818189003.79$10,382.66Financials
0.94CHINA PACIFIC INSURANCE GR-A601601250030.18$10,936.21Financials
0.95BANK OF CHINA LTD-A601988212003.59$11,031.58Financials
0.95CHINA PETROLEUM & CHEMICAL-A600028131005.81$11,032.02Energy
0.98CITIC SECURITIES CO-A600030470016.65$11,342.78Financials
1.03PING AN BANK CO LTD-A1816010.12$11,969.56Financials
1.1SAIC MOTOR CORPORATION LTD-A600104350025$12,682.81Consumer Discretionary
1.12CHINA YANGTZE POWER CO LTD-A600900590015.11$12,921.83Utilities
1.13WULIANGYE YIBIN CO LTD-A858170052.94$13,044.89Consumer Staples
1.17CHINA MINSHENG BANKING-A600016159605.85$13,533.07Financials
1.19JIANGSU HENGRUI MEDICINE C-A600276166956.82$13,745.65Health Care
1.27CSR CORP LTD -A601766109009.29$14,677.42Industrials
1.32CHINA STATE CONSTRUCTION -A601668169406.23$15,297.10Industrials
1.33BANK OF COMMUNICATIONS CO-A601328187005.69$15,422.74Financials
1.41CHINA VANKE CO LTD -A2440025.5$16,262.99Real Estate
1.41MIDEA GROUP CO LTD-A333290038.81$16,313.58Consumer Discretionary
1.41HANGZHOU HIKVISION DIGITAL-A2415415027.22$16,373.58Information Technology
1.44AGRICULTURAL BANK OF CHINA-A601288324003.55$16,671.74Financials
1.55IND & COMM BK OF CHINA-A601398232005.35$17,990.75Financials
1.67SHANGHAI PUDONG DEVEL BANK-A6000001258410.57$19,279.74Financials
2.08INDUSTRIAL BANK CO LTD -A6011661060015.66$24,060.53Financials
3.67CHINA MERCHANTS BANK-A6000361050027.91$42,477.28Financials
4.19PING AN INSURANCE GROUP CO-A601318550060.85$48,509.95Financials
4.44KWEICHOW MOUTAI CO LTD-A600519600590.94$51,392.79Consumer Staples

Holdings are subject to change without notice and are not a recommendation to buy or sell any security.

Currency Forward Positions

Trading Currency Contract Value Market Value Gain/Loss
Short CNH vs USD $1,168,617.85 $1,179,976.22 $-11,358.37

Last Updated: December 18, 2018


Ex-Date Payable Date Record Date Distribution (USD)
December 14, 2018 December 28, 2018 December 17, 2018 0.60048 Per Share


An investor should consider the Fund’s investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses carefully before investing. This and other important information may be found in the Fund’s prospectus (pdf). Please read the prospectus carefully before investing. To obtain a print prospectus, call 844-209-2937.

ETF Investing in China A-shares market involves risks specific to China, including risks related to currency fluctuations, limited liquidity, less developed or less efficient trading markets, less government regulation, adverse political, economic and legal environment. The ETF is also exposed to the potential unavailability risk of the A-shares, which means that any reduction or elimination of access to A-shares will have a material adverse effect on the ability of the fund to achieve its investment objective. Applicable Chinese tax rules to the ETF is at present uncertain. Uncertainties in the Chinese tax rules could have an adverse impact on ETF performance. In addition, the ETF may be more volatile than ETFs investing in a broadly diversified portfolio and developed markets.

ETF shares are bought and sold at market price through exchange trading rather than NAV and are not individually redeemable. Shares may trade at a premium or discount to their NAV in the secondary market. Brokerage commissions will reduce returns. Returns for actual ETF investments may differ from what is shown on the website because of differences in timing, the amount invested, and fees and expenses.

Diversification does not eliminate the risk of experiencing investment losses.